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ZIHBlock train service to/from China is offered by us in partnership with chinese state-owned enterprise ZIH (Zhengzhou International Hub State), which operates a regular multi-week service on the Hamburg Terminal. The Hamburg-Milan connection is made with road services using facilities and staff of EUR SERVICE. The incoming containers from Hamburg are transhipped and conveyed by road on the operating terminal EUR SERVICE Cormano, Via Bizzozzero 78. libnerHere are conducted customs clearance and, in case of partial loads or groupage, we proceed to the devanning, introduction to customs warehouses and possible distribution of goods. Obviously the service is also available with reversed export procedures but always through the consolidation on Cormano terminal.

The transit time Zhengzhou-Hamburg is approx 15 days. The cost of block train service is estimated on average at 50% less than air transport. The same percentage is also the reduction of the transit time compared to traditional maritime route. Pre-carriage and on-carriage service cover all China, with particular attention in Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen. libner

During 2015 there were made about 80 departures / arrivals. During 2016 these data has been increased to 200, while starting from 2017 the service is daily. 

It is important to note that the increase of the departures determines a decrease of operating costs which results in a steady decrease of rates which is estimated in the average percentage of 20% per annum.

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